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Leslie Taylor

Senior Manager Product Development

“I have been with IOI Loders Croklaan for just over one year in an R&D leadership role and have really enjoyed my time with the company. IOI Loders Croklaan has provided me with many growth opportunities.  I am challenged each and every day (in a good way).  In addition, I have the opportunity to make a difference.  One other thing I like about working at LC is that the Company is open to the input of employees, in an effort to continuously improve.”

Kurt Engel

QC Team Lead

“I have been with IOI Loders Croklaan for two years.  I enjoy the people and the collaborative environment across functions.  In a QC Team Lead role, my function touches almost every department in the company and we have an understanding of what is going on across the organization.  This helps in making decisions that impact other departments.

I had the opportunity to work in Europe for three months to learn their process and determine what could be transferred to the US.  This experience enhanced the collaboration between regions.  I still communicate on a regular basis with the people in Europe.

Because of the focus and commitment on method and instrumentation development, things are always improving.  And, being a part of that makes being with Loders Croklaan exciting.”

Scott Wilson

Sales Manager

“I have worked for IOI Loders Croklaan for over 17 years and have had the opportunity to hold different roles within the Sales organization.  The Company has provided me with flexibility both professionally and personally.  During my years with IOI Loders Croklaan, we have gone through tremendous change and challenges which have led us to succeed through difficult economic times.  Becoming a leader in our industry, it has been an exciting experience to see the transition and growth of palm oil in the US.  Truly a success story!”

Tey, Meei Shya

Application & Technical Support - Asia

“IOI Loders Croklaan is a great company as it has provided me with challenges and career advancements.  Being global, we have the opportunity to work in various regions and learn about the market differences.  I spent several weeks in the US, working with the R&D Team to learn about bakery.  I was able to bring what I learned in the US back with me to Malaysia, which allowed me to provide added value and knowledge to the Asia Team.”