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Snacking is our modern way of eating, comprising half of all eating moments for most Americans. Whether it's done for nourishment, performance, or just plain fun, consumers want their snacks to be convenient and tasty. At the same time, even more snacks are now non-GMO, organic or cleaner label, and using healthier ingredients. Balancing all of these demands is tough, so lean on Bunge Loders Croklaan to help you navigate the complexity and win in this segment.
Whole Harvest® Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola
Bite-sized opportunities

Whether you want to make crispy potato chips, buttery tasting popcorn, or seasoned nuts, our oils can help. We offer a broad range of deep frying oils, buttery flavored oils, and seasoning and coating oils. This portfolio provides core benefits such as improving the oxidative stability of snacks, conveniently adding butter taste, improving flavor dispersion, and enhancing fresh texture. What's more, our portfolio helps you leverage today's top trends such as developing a non-GMO or organic product, producing a cleaner label, telling narratives on farm traceability, or making a heart health claim. What's more, we are ready to create specific solutions together with you to solve your toughest application challenges. 

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