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Plant-based foods
Plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy have rapidly become an established part of the American diet. The evolution of this segment is characterized by an ever expanding spectrum of tastes and textures from a genuine plant experience to a more authentic meat and dairy experience. Woven into this are a diversity of sustainability, free-from, and nutritional needs. Bunge Loders Croklaan is well positioned to help you grow and stand out from the competition.
Plant Based
Delight the senses and more

Whether you want to make a succulent burger, silky smooth spread, or decadent coffee creamer, we can help. Oils and fats play a pivotal role in driving the sensory enjoyment across this segment, enhancing taste, texture, aroma, and appearance. For meat alternatives, our portfolio includes oils, shortenings, flakes, and lecithin. For dairy alternatives, we offer a full range of margarine spreads, buttery spreads, and butter blends to meet baking, cooking, and eating needs. We also provide key oils that can optimize the taste and texture of coffee creamers while maximizing stability. Across these portfolios we can help you meet a number of sustainability and free-from needs, including RSPO, traceability, non-GMO, and more.