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Human Nutrition
Parents want to give their infants the best possible nutrition. When providing it through formula, they need to know it supplies consistent nutrition profiles to support healthy growth while meeting the highest safety standards. To add to this, there is growing demand for sustainability, traceability, non-GMO, and cleaner labels. Let Bunge Loders Croklaan help you win in the infant formula segment.
Infant Nutrition
Nutritious and safe

For the infant segment, we offer single oils and custom oil blends to meet a wide range of nutritional needs with the highest safety and regulatory standards. To achieve this we leverage our scalable supply of soy, canola, high-oleic sun, palm, coconut, and MCT oils. Our single and and custom blends meet the most stringent requirements for 3-MCPD, GE, and 4PAH. We also offer OPO, a premium oil blend that mimics the structure of mother’s milk to improve digestion, reduce constipation, and promote better sleep.