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Culinary & Frying
Today’s restaurants and food manufacturers offer so many culinary options from fried foods to sauces to sautéed vegetables and more. Within this segment, sensory experience is a foundational pillar of growth. However, rising demand for cleaner menus and labels, sourcing transparency, and healthier options are transforming the landscape. Restaurants and food manufacturers are also under increasing pressure to run their operations more efficiently. Meeting these needs all at once is necessary to go the distance in culinary, and Bunge Loders Croklaan is well positioned to help you win.
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For foodservice, no matter what’s on the menu—crispy fried chicken, zesty dipping sauces, or tender sautéed vegetables—we can help you deliver on taste, trends, and efficiency. We offer a full range of frying oils, salad oils, buttery oils, and pan sprays. Whether you’re looking to extend fry life for better cost-in-use, launch non-GMO or organic menu items, or conveniently deliver butter taste, our team will support your success. The same is true if you're a manufacturer of par-fried foods, sauces, dips, dressings, or savory spreads. Our oils portfolio will provide solutions so you can confidently deliver on taste, simplicity, health, and efficiency. What's more, we are ready to create specific solutions together with you to solve your toughest application challenges.

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