Indulgence is at the heart of all things confectionery from truffles to countlines to snack cakes and more. While it's undoubtedly the fundamental driver of growth in this segment, expectations for sustainability and healthier choices continue to rise. Hitting the right sweet spot across these benefits will lead to advantages, and Bunge Loders Croklaan is aptly suited to help you win.
Candy Fats
Versatile sensory and more

Whether you want to make coated bars that snap, truffles with luxurious melt, or creamy spreads, we can help. Our portfolio of confectionery fats enables the versatile premium sensory experiences that the confectionery segment demands. We offer coating fats, filling fats, spreading fats, and soft candy fats that deliver benefits like great mouthfeel, fast meltaway, smooth texture and more. Our key sustainability options include RSPO and traceability, and for healthier choices we can help reduce added sugars. What's more, our team is ready to create specific solutions together with you to solve your toughest application challenges.