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Whole Harvest®
Performance Non-GMO and organic frying oils
Transparently Sourced
Sustainably Refined
Simply Different

Whole Harvest oils are simply different because they are expeller-pressed.  Drawing on artisan methods, these oils are delicately extracted through physical pressing. The Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA certified organic oils are sourced from a family of farms across North America.  In addition, the oils in the Whole Harvest portfolio are sustainably refined using a renewable resource that gently purifies the oil to enhance its culinary performance.  Whole Harvest helps position your brands and products around cleaner labels and menus.

Whole Harvest for Deep Frying
  • Expeller-pressed processing is gentler on the earth than conventional methods
  • Transparently sourced soybeans grown in the US and canola grown in Canada
  • Sustainable refining with citric acid from fermented corn which reduces waste versus conventional techniques 



  • Whole Harvest Expeller-Pressed Classic Canola | 35 Lb | 5019225
  • Whole Harvest Expeller-Pressed Classic Soy | 35 Lb | 5019239
  • Whole Harvest Expeller-Pressed Classic Soy & Canola | 35 Lb | 5019051
  • Whole Harvest Expeller-Pressed Non-GMO Canola | 35 Lb | 5019228
  • Whole Harvest Expeller-Pressed Non-GMO Soy | 35 Lb | 5019594
  • Whole Harvest Expeller-Pressed Organic Soy | 35 Lb | 5021255
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