Vream® Biscuits CND
Specialty soy shortening
Why Vream®?
Superior Sensory
Easy to use
Application optimized
Delicious Luxury

All Vream® specialty shortenings deliver great mouthfeel, excellent texture, and a winter white appearance. They are also very workable whether you’re baking in the cool of winter or the heat of summer, and they resist post-hardening, which means you can easily spread, cream, and pipe them. 

Vream for Biscuits

  • Great for all types of biscuits from country-style to sandwich-style
  • Makes tender and flaky biscuits
  • Creates a soft crumb structure


  • Vream® Elite Softer | VM 146
  • Vream® Classic Firmer | VM 170
  • Vream® Classic Softer | VM 137

Available in 50 lb cubes

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