Premium palm shortening
Why choose SansTrans?
Excellent mouthfeel
Superb texture
Tremendous application specificity
Precise Excellence

SansTrans premium palm shortenings represent a decades-long culmination of tailor-made bakery solutions. They deliver excellent mouthfeel and texture with incredible application specificity, maximizing sensory benefits across today’s most popular bakery foods. SansTrans also offers a number of options designed to maintain consistent texture, which enhances creaming, spreading, piping, and shelf-life.

All Purpose Shortenings


  • A convenient solution for baking, filling, and frying applications
  • Meets many sensory and functionality needs due to its optimized texture range
  • Provides clean mouthfeel, creaminess, and tenderness in bakery foods
  • Enables great mixing and creaming

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Premium Palm Shortenings
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