SansTrans™ Cake
Premium palm shortening
Why SansTrans?
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SansTrans for Cakes

SansTrans is a portfolio of specialty palm shortenings—the culmination of decades of top-tier solutions across the bakery category. It delivers excellent mouthfeel, texture, and workability; and, it achieves this with tremendous specificity, meeting precise sensory and functionality needs across many bakery applications. SansTrans also offers key options that minimize post-hardening to enhance creaming, spreading, and piping.

SansTrans for Cakes

  • Versatile for both cakes and mixes
  • Creates resilient cakes with excellent volume and very fine and tender crumb structure
  • Improves mixing tolerance
  • Promotes longer lasting quality

Cake Products

  • SansTrans™ 25  
  • SansTrans™ 35 
  • SansTrans™ 39 
  • SansTrans™ 45 
  • SansTrans™ 48 

Available in 50 lb cubes

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