Performance non-lauric filling fats
Excellent mouthfeel
Reduces stickiness
Medium texture
Precise Excellence

SansTrans specialty non-lauric fats deliver excellent mouthfeel with an great flavor release. In confectionery, this brand offers options for countline fillings, taffies, and fruit chews. SanTrans provides medium textures that can still hold their shape but are delightful to bite into.

SansTrans for Fillings
  • Non-lauric medium texture filling for countlines or center-filled chocolates
  • Provides excellent mouthfeel and eating qualities for nougat, crème,  caramel, and other fillings
  • Reduces stickiness within nougat and caramels to allow cutting
  • Produces a smooth, creamy filling



  • SansTrans 39 X


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