Pour 'N Fry®
High performance frying oils
Great Fried Flavor
Excellent Fry Life
Saves Time & Money
The Frying Hero

Pour 'N Fry High Performance Oils are specially crafted to create delicious fried foods while saving you time and money.  Each blend has been optimized to the flavor preferences of food fried in soy, canola and/or corn all while delivering more fry life than conventional oils.  More fry life means these high stability blends provide great tasting fried food for more fry days.

Pour 'N Fry for Deep Frying
  • Up to 60% more fry life than conventional oils
  • Specially designed blends with high stability soy and canola
  • No artificial preservatives or hydrogenated fats


  • Pour 'N Fry Gold Oil Blend | 35 Lb | 5026366 NEW!
  • Pour 'N Fry Canola Oil Blend | 35 Lb | 5016302
  • Pour 'N Fry Soy Canola Oil Blend | 35 Lb | 5011406

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Pour 'N Fry Gold Fry Oil
Pour 'N Fry Gold Product Information
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