100% High Oleic Frying Oil
Why NutraClear® Frying Oil
Exceptional Fried Food Flavor
Longest Oil Fry Life
Specifically Designed for Deep Frying
The Ultimate Frying Oil

NutraClear® High-Stability Canola Oil is specially crafted to create the most delicious fried foods while saving you significant time and money.  As a 100% high oleic canola oil, NutraClear is designed to deliver the best taste and texture while providing considerably more fry life than blends & commodity oils.  More fry life means less operational downtime for oil changes, great tasting fried food for more days and lower annual oil use cost.


  • NutraClear® High Stability Canola Oil  

Available in 17.3L JIB

NutraClear® High Stability Canola Oil

Introducing our latest offering in the NutraClear® Frying Oils family
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