NutraClear® | Bunge Loders Croklaan
Ultra high performance frying oils
Exceptional Fry Life
Less Cleaning
Clean, Neutral Flavor
Frying is Life

NutraClear Ultra-High Performance oils provide exceptional stability with a neutral taste to let the flavor of your food shine through. Sourced from premium crops from farmers we know, these high oleic oils save you time and money with reduced oil changes and less cleaning time.     

NutraClear for Deep Frying
  • Up to 100% more frying life versus conventional oils reduces package waste
  • Reduces residue build up on the fryer to reduce cleaning time
  • Clean and neutral flavor profile with no artificial preservatives or hydrogenated fats



  • NutraClear Ultra High Stability Canola | 35 Lb | 5026366
  • NutraClear Ultra High Stability Soy | 35 Lb | 5016302
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