Freedom™ | Bunge Loders Croklaan
Premium lauric and non-lauric filling fats
Excellent sensory & functionality
Cleaner label
Versatile application use
Simple Indulgence

Freedom provides clean label, non-tempering options made from lauric and non-lauric fats with excellent sensory experiences for a wide range of confectionery applications. Our 3 coating lines are tailored for both confectionery and bakery. The Freedom portfolio also includes filling, candy, and spread fats. They all deliver superior flavor releases and excellent crystallization and we also offer customizable solutions.

Freedom for Fillings
  • Wide range offers options for soft, medium, and firm textures
  • Firm texture are self-standing laurics that are allow enrobing and cutting for truffles
  • Medium texture non-laurics provide great mouthfeel and texture for caramel and crème fillings
  • Soft texture non-laurics delivers a smooth and creamy filling for chocolate shells



  • Freedom 920 | Lauric – Firm
  • Freedom 290 | Non-lauric – Medium
  • Freedom 300 | Non-lauric – Medium
  • Freedom IC 670 | Non-lauric - Soft