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Mono & Diglycerides

Mono and diglycerides are the most common emulsifier used for bakery applications because of their many functional benefits:

  • Improved volumes in cakes, breads, and icings
  • Creating softer crumb structures
  • Providing aeration for batters
Choosing the right mono & diglycerides

Soft mono and diglycerides

Choosing the right fat is an important part of creating the perfect bakery treat. Our Soft mono and diglycerides are produced from unsaturated fats with shorter fatty acids chains. When shorter fatty acids chains are used, this creates a more fluid emulsifier, allowing bakers to easily handle and incorporate into their applications. Soft mono and diglycerides provide:

  • Overall emulsion stability
  • Good aeration and water absorption
  • Help improve texture and viscosity
  • Can be used as fat dispersant


Hard mono and diglycerides

Hard mono and diglycerides are manufactured from fully hydrogenated saturated fats and are used in bakery application where specific textures are desired. Hard mono and diglycerides can be used to improved eating quality due to starch retro degradation in baked goods. Hard mono and diglycerides enhance the textures of your applications, improving the eating quality due to starch retro degradation in baked goods. Hard mono and diglycerides provide:

  • Good anti-staling properties for starch foods
  • Prevents viscosity increase for refrigerated foods
  • Creates better aeration and provides great freeze/thaw properties


Low monos and high diglyceride emulsifiers

Emulsifiers created with lower levels of monos and higher diglycerides can help baker’s reduce fat or improve their nutritional statements. This type of emulsifier is ideal for bakers who:

  • Wish to reduce the fat in their applications
  • Improve their nutritional statement


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