Country Premium®
Premium margarine and butter blend prints, tubs, pourables and portion control cups
Creamy Texture
Excellent Butter Taste
Great Value vs Butter

Country Premium all vegetable oil margarine and butter blends are specially formulated to deliver great butter taste with a fast melt-away.  With a portfolio of pack sizes to meet any application needs, Country Premium is the perfect margarine to use for cooking and sauteing vegetables or as a base for making sauces and dips. 

Country Premium Margarines and Spreads
  • Portion control packs perfect for table-top and take-out 
  • 1 Lb solids great for replacing butter in back of house recipes  
  • Whipped margarine perfect for topping pancakes, waffles and buttering toasts
  • Liquid margarine that is ready to use in sauteing, sauces, soups and more



  • Country Premium Spread Portion Control | 900/5g | 5020119
  • Country Premium Spread Portion Control | 648/14g | 5020910
  • Country Premium NH Solids Margarine | 30/1 Lb | 5023951
  • Country Premium Whipped Margarine | 20Lb | 5025108
  • Country Premium Liquid Margarine | 4/1G | 5014481
  • Country Premium Liquid Margarine | 2/17.5 Lb | 5014480
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