Centermelt™ | Bunge Loders Croklaan
Ultra-premium firmer non-lauric filling fats
Superior meltaway
Clean label, non-lauric
Compatible with chocolate
Entice Luxury

Centermelt creates luxurious fillings that are firm textured but have a quick melt with a superior flavor release. They provide free standing fillings strong enough to handle enrobing, cutting, sheeting, or dipping. Centermelt consists of non-lauric, clean label options that offer higher compatibility with cocoa butter compared to laurics. This resists bloom longer which a lengthens shelf life.

Centermelt for Fillings
  • Delivers an excellent steep & clean meltaway with low waxiness mouthfeel
  • High compatibility with chocolate creates longer shelf life compared to laurics
  • Clean label, non lauric great for truffles and center fillings
  • Provides firm, free standing strong enough to enrobe



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