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Capri® Oils
Commodity & Blended Oils
Why Capri® Oils?
Economical kitchen oil
Extremely versatile
Consistence Performance

Capri® is a portfolio of commodity & blended oils that delivers consistent performance for various culinary kitchen needs. It’s products are designed to meet specific performance and functionality needs of today’s culinary applications. 



  • Capri® Canola Oil  
  • Capri® Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend *
  • Capri® Vegetable Oil  


Available in 16L JIB

* Available in 4L & 3L bottle   

Capri® Frying Oil Blends

Introducing our latest offering in the Capri® Oils family
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For more information on BLC Capri® Oils, contact us at 800-361-3043 or email us at [email protected].