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Bunge® NH All Purpose
Designed for Versatility
Why Bunge® NH?
Superior shortening structure
Designed for versatility
Workable over wide temperature range
Designed for Versatility

Bunge® NH is a portfolio of performance palm shortenings that delivers great mouthfeel, texture, and workability. It’s products are designed to meet specific sensory and functionality needs of today’s top bakery applications.  

Bunge NH Products for All Purpose

  • Bunge® NH™ 50 All Purpose shortening
  • Bunge® Lard & Lard Prints
  • Bunge® NH™ 30 All Purpose shortening
  • Bunge® NH™ 39 All Purpose shortening
  • Bunge® NH™ 46 All Purpose shortening
  • Bunge® NH™ 42 All Purpose shortening

Available in 20 kg cubes

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