Bunge® Margarine
Bakers Margarine
Why Bunge® Margarine?
Bakers Margarine
Easy to use
Application optimized
Bake Confidently

Our Bunge portfolio of bakers margarines and roll-in margarines are specifically designed to meet the various applications that today’s modern bakers require. Whither you are baking cookies, pies, danishes or croissants, rest assured that Bunge’s selection of application specific margarines has you covered.  



  • Bunge® NGMO Margarine NH Clean Label    
  • Bunge® Palm Margarine NH
  • Bunge® Bakers White Salted Margarine Clean 
  • Bunge® Versatil Margarine NH - Clean 
  • Bunge® Margarine NH 26
  • Bunge® Bakers White Unsalted Margarine 


Available in 20kg  Cube

Bunge® Margarine

Introducing our latest offering in the Bunge® Margarine family
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