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Bunge® Frying Oil & Blends
High Performance Frying Oil Blends
Why Bunge® Frying Oil Blends
Great Fried Food Flavor
Excellent Fry Life
Cleaner Label
The Frying Hero

Bunge® High Performance Oils are specially crafted to create delicious fried foods while saving you time and money.  Whether you prefer the blended flavor of canola, high oleic canola oil or corn, each oil has been designed and blended to deliver great taste and texture while providing more fry life than commodity oils.  More fry life means less operational downtime for oil changes, great tasting fried food for more days and lower annual oil use cost.



  • Bunge® Ultra Performance Frying Oil 
  • Bunge Mid Oleic Sunflower Oil
  • Bunge Frying Shortening *


Available in 16L JIB

* Available in 20kg cube

Bunge® Ultra Performance Frying Oil 

Introducing our latest offering in the Capri® Frying Oils family
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