Soybean lecithins
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Soybean Lecithin

Our soy lecithin can be used as a processing aid in a wide range of food applications including baked goods, icing, confectionery treats, protein powders, release agents, margarines, sauces and much more. Soy lecithin can be used as a functional ingredient that helps improve release, aids in emulsification and helps prevent oil separation in margarine and spread applications.


  • 5200 | Non-GMO Project Verified, unbleached, fluid soy lecithin
  • 5200 TC | Non-GMO Project Verified, bleached, fluid soy lecithin
  • 1200 UB | Unbleached, fluid soy lecithin
  • 1200 TC | PCR Negative, bleached, fluid soy lecithin
  • 1050 TC | Low viscosity, bleached, fluid soy lecithin
Guaranteed Quality

BungeMaxx lecithins are manufactured using a multitude of processes which may include filtration, standardisation, chemical or enzymatic modification and de-oiling. The molecular structure of lecithins can be changed by either enzymatic or chemical means.

The aim of these processes is to obtain a tailor-made technological and/or physical property that differs from native lecithin. We undertake these steps to modify the lecithins giving them different properties in order to suit our customers‘ needs.

For instance when creating sensitive blends the amount of impurities in the lecithin can be crucial. Additional filtration steps can ensure the purity of the lecithin and hence the stability of the blended product.


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