Bunge NH® Pizza
100% Non-Hydrogenated shortenings
Why Bunge® NH?
Great mouthfeel
Great texture
Application optimized
Bake Confidently

Our Bunge NH is a portfolio of performance palm shortenings that delivers great mouthfeel, texture, and workability. It’s products are designed to meet specific sensory and functionality needs of today’s top bakery applications. 

Bunge® NH for Pizza

  • Creates soft, tender, and chewy pizza crusts
  • Improves dough consistency
  • Eases dough expansion


  • Bunge® NH™ 46 All Purpose shortening 
  • Bunge® NH™ 30 All Purpose shortening
  • Bunge® NH™ 39 All Purpose shortening
  • Bunge® NH™ 42 All Purpose shortening   
  • Bunge® NH™ 50 All Purpose shortening 
  • Bunge® NH™ All Purpose shortening prints 

Available in 20 kg cubes

Flaked Products

  • NH 600

Available in 50 lb cubes

Product Sheet

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