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Oils and fats are indispensable ingredients that shape taste, nutrition and culinary experience. Our plant-based specialty oils and fats solutions meet evolving dietary needs and trends, delivering the functionality the food and nutrition industry demands, and satisfying the diverse tastes of consumers in every part of the world.
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Shea - Where Life Grows
The story of Dora Torwiseh, a woman for all women
Announcing our new shea facility in Tema, Ghana
Where Life Grows campaign: celebrating our efforts in building a sustainable shea supply chain
product innovation
Introducing Sweetolin: enabling up to 50% sugar reduction in final confectionery products with no compromise on taste
Our commitment
Plant based
Bunge Loders Croklaan Launches Oil Portfolio for Plant-Based Meats at NPEW ‘20
Webinar recording
Organic lecithins - traceability and trends
BLC expands global innovation network with the opening of its Creative Studio in Istanbul
Bunge announces $2.5 million commitment for COVID-19 relief
Bunge Loders Croklaan introduces Betapol® Plus: the next generation OPO for infant milk formula

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