Other Oils

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Bunge Loders Croklaan supplies a wide variety of vegetable oils and fats, usually in blends with palm-based products, including coconut oil, sal, and illipe.

Our laurics portfolio is completed by our supply of coconut oil and fractions, predominantly sourced from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Coconut trees are hardy plants that can grow in almost any soil, including sand. A single coconut tree bears fruit for more than 60 years, which earned it the nickname “three-generation tree,” as it can support a farmer, his children, and his grandchildren. The coconut has been recognized for its medicinal benefits for more than 4,000 years and is an important source of fat for millions of people in the tropics.

Sustainability certification

We source from select, trusted market parties and closely monitor them for responsible practices. No global sustainability certification standard available for coconut oil exists.