Spray Oil

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Stability in liquid oils is essential when used for coating/spray applications, as an anti-dusting or pan release agent.  Whether you are extending bowl life for cereals, improving the visual aspects of dried fruits or, reducing loss of flavors and seasonings, our full line of non-GMO, palm-based Durkex non-hydrogenated liquid oils is the right choice.  

Breakfast cereal bowl life can be extended to deliver improved eating characteristics by using Durkex.

Durkex enhances gloss and visual appeal when applied as a thin coating to dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, currants apricots, or other dried fruits. The oil prevents the fruit from sticking, drying out, and losing freshness.  Delivering these benefits in a non-hydrogenated, cost-effective manner makes our Durkex products unique.

Liquid oil reduces dust problems associated with grinding of spices and blending of dry ingredients such as soup, sauces and bakery mixes. It also helps to improve the flow ability, handling and shelf life of these products. As Durkex high stability oils are liquid at ambient temperatures and offer excellent stability, they are the ideal solution for this high value application.

Product Name Suggested Applications
Durkex™ NT 100 Spray Oil